What are you looking for in this thing called "life"?
What do you see when you look inside yourself?
How do you think God looks down from Heaven at you?

God’s Word tells us that God is looking at us and has designed us to look back at Him. When we see ourselves how God sees us and see our Savior how God shows us, we will be forever changed and find exactly what we are looking for.


Winterfest is 3 days filled with worship, teaching, community and fun with other students. We will spend a weekend to gather and go together to be refreshed and repurposed in the presence of God. We will leave remembering our great times together and the ways God moved in our lives.


High School (Spring Lake, North Muskegon, Fremont, Redemption, Traverse City) – February 1-3
Vertical Church Greensboro – February 1-3
Middle School (Spring Lake, North Muskegon, Fremont, Redemption, Traverse City) – February 8-10




**If you are not a Spring Lake student, please contact your student pastor for information about transportation.


Check-in will begin at 5:00pm in the HBCSL North Lobby.

Upon Arrival put luggage tags on bag (color based on gender), then check-in & receive your cabin and bus assignments.

Check-in Time: 5:00pm at Harvest Spring Lake Campus
Busses will depart by 6:00pm
Return Time: 3:00pm at Harvest Spring Lake Campus
Travel updates will be left on our FB Page


  • Bible and Pen

  • Sleeping bag/bedding and pillow

  • Winter Jacket / Hat / Gloves / Snow Pants / Boots

  • Clothes for 2 days

  • Toiletries / Towel

NO weapons / flammabies / alchohol / tobacco / vaporizers / drugs or illegal substances.

NO cell phones, tablets, computers or electronic entertainment devices.Camp Harvest and Harvest are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

NOTE:We are asking that you leave your cell phones and electronic devices home, if they are brought with you, they will be collected by a leader on the the bus and stored at the camp during the weekend and then returned to you on the bus ride home!

In cases of emergency, parents can contact the camp to get a hold of their student at any time of the day.


We will have clothing items on sale in the lobby for $30 during check in as well as throughout the weekend at camp. There will also be canteen items available including snacks & apparel. Send your student with cash for these optional items.


Camp Address: 6829 E 72nd St, Newaygo, MI 49337
Camp Harvest #: 269-277-6463

Please let us know if you have any further questions about anything related to Winterfest.

Come and experience Camp Harvest and have a life changing encounter with God. Our goal is to help our students grow in their own faith by participating in worship, teaching small groups, competition, food and fun.